Portfolio Example

Bike Light Mount

After a lock-down spent on the trails/berms of the local country park, including many night rides, it became frustrating that the mount supplied with the 1800 lumen light:
1). Wasn't capable of clamping the weight without twisting, after a few jolts/jumps.
2). Relied on an alan-key to remove the light for charging every time.
...so we came up with our own solution...

The Solution

Using a clamp either side of the Head tube meant we could mount the light centrally, and double the effective clamping force.
By replacing the connection block at the base of the light we were also able to include a quick-release strap. That, combined with some flexible contact points on 3 faces of the light body, take up any tolerance and ensure a rock-solid fit for those bumpy red runs!
We were also able to take advantage of the channel between the 2 clamps to tidy up some of the cable routing.

Product Renders

Prototype - 3D Prints

We decided to go for an MJF print, and applied a clear lacquer for an extra bit of water-proofing on the printed components of the Mount. That, along with some OTS fixings and rubber mounts, and 'job done.'