20+ yrs experience in product design (inc. Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Wearables, Instrumentation...).
I'm a confident and personable ‘Mechie’ with an eye for detail and a well-rounded appreciation for the complete design and manufacturing process, and all the inputs required. Experience of designing products from sketch-book to tooling-release, from bespoke CNC machined one-offs through to 32-cavity injection mould tools for production runs in the millions.

Every scale of company and production volume brings its own challenges, considering; level of process control, the best prototyping/manufacturing techniques and sourcing/supply chain.  Please check my Engineering Services page for more information on what services I can provide.

Stemming from a passion for being hands-on and 'actually making stuff' my hobby has also turned into a small supplementary income, during 'down-time' from Consultancy projects I design and make bespokebits of woodwork, following a brief from the client. Please check my Bespoke Projects page for some examples of this work.

Work History:

Please read below for a list of previous clients and examples of completed projects, with details of the design engineering services provided by RMGentry Design.

3D CAD work on a number of Surface Coil enclosures to house PulseTeq’s MRI scanning technology. These projects have utilised the latest 3D printing technology and detailed finishing requirements from suppliers in the EU and Far-East to give these products the look of mass-produced mouldings/components, whilst not effecting the MRI invisibility of the product itself, whilst in-use for pre-clinical trials.

Taking a ‘blank piece of paper’ and developing a design language to fit with URT’s company objectives and target market. Through an evolution of design ideas (involving sketch work and 3D surface models) we established a design direction to enable us to put together a set of 6 Industrial Designs for URT to present to potential investors. Using SolidWorks Visualise we delivered a set of product renders so URT could propose a product landing page to sit alongside some logo and branding guidelines.

Working with an Electrical Engineer we then developed 2 of these products to fully working prototypes. These were impact and IP tested in-house to verify Simulation results and design structure.


RMGentry Design consultancy provided a “one-stop-product-development-shop,” taking an existing ID, and remodelling to incorporate tooling draft, and additional features. We then completed the mechanical design of the casework and all internal components, housing the electronics. We assisted in setting up supply chains and sourcing all parts & sub-assemblies for Make & Buy components, from; European, American & Far East suppliers.

A high-end video capture device, in a challenging (heated) environment, the product required us to work on aspects such as: tolerance analysis, sealed acoustic chambers, heatsinks and ray tracing (for light guides), …There were multiple rounds of prototypes, to assess; cost vs performance vs aesthetics, leading, ultimately to a suite of rapid tools for MP product(s), that were tested and certified for CE, UKCA and FCC marking - all within 12months.

" Ross was a pleasure to work with. Highly professional, he delivered well-researched and documented solutions, and was always eager to find the best possible outcomes. His methodical approach and excellent communication skills made collaboration seamless. "

Daniel Fernandez


Working closely with Zwift’s own Industrial, Mechanical and Electronics design departments on various aspects of a new hardware project, over 2 stints – supporting their development (either side of taking some time off to build the extension on my house)!

Working on injection mouldings, ALU die-castings, spring design, electronic cabling, magnetic attachments and clamping mechanisms to name a few skill-sets utilized.

"Ross is a trusted, reliable and commercially sensitive engineer who will deliver designs to the right resolution. His experience will always lead him to ask challenging questions, which helps drive the design to maturity. "
Jonathan Heath: Director, Mechanical Engineering.

A 1st prototype device for a start-up in the Agri-tech sector, to enable them to do some early field trials and collect data to inform next steps in their product development.

Design and development of a pan/tilt mechanism and optical filter changer (driven by stepper motors), all incorporated in an IP-sealed enclosure, designed in close collaboration with Gardin’s electronics and optical specialists. Its great to see their finished product now looking awesome (and I’m sure working even better).

Joseph Joseph

Consultancy services provided, contributing development ideas to their Porta-bin project, specifically looking at the strength (Stress analysis) and damping of the opening mechanism.

Working with the R&D team in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector on a Medical device. Consulting remotely to design the mechanics for a functional prototype device of a pneumatic & motor driven product, working closely with Mechanical and Hardware team, to spec. components and develop the best product, considering DFA issues. Alongside Mechanical design support, we also provided Industrial Design models and assembly instructions, along with product architecture concepts.

Shark Ninja

Working on the Vacuum side of the business, based in London, using ProE Creo and SolidWorks CAD software. Consultancy engineering services provided, working on;

3D CAD design of Test Rig, BOM generation & 2D assy drawing for RFQ
Modelling alternative design solutions, 3D printed, assembled & tested in Workshop.
FEA analysis simulating multiple designs to lead decisions on further prototyping & testing.

Britich American Tobacco (BAT)

3D & 2D Mechanical design specification of a new hybrid vaping device ('glo'), including, but not limited to;

  • Development work on IP68 sealed liquid cartomizer & device case-work injection mouldings.
  • Tolerance analysis relevant for a consumable product produced in it's millions.
  • Collaborative working with Far-Eastern manufacturing partner.
  • FEA analysis of clip design, design development of light guide & button.

Consultancy work for a start-up company's InflowSys ®   pressure monitoring device. Contacted by a former colleague and using previously gained experience in the mobile phone sector to review their; mechanical design (using SolidWorks), DFA, tool & part design, tolerance analysis, sealing to IP68.

Rolls Royce Motor Cars

Working in the Bespoke Engineering department primarily focused on interior one-off and limited edition features (<30 cars). Following this, I was the Lead Accessories Engineer, managing the engineering of aftersales accessories and retro-fit features with larger take-rates.

Using Catia v5 surface & solid modelling for feasibility package studies as well as released 2D and 3D manufacturing data. A different challenge in terms of the level of process requirements for test and homologation compared to consumer electronic products. BOM creation, development timing plans, product design specifications, DFMEAs... This role provided a great insight into the world of wood-shop and leather-shop of a luxury automotive manufacturer, ...a real area of interest considering my interest in Woodwork projects.


A unique opportunity providing a great experience of electro-mechanical product development. As lead engineer it was important to manage the inputs and incorporate design feedback from all areas of the business; industrial design, acoustic engineers, antenna engineers, hardware & software engineers (and development partners), production engineers, quality engineers , reliability engineers and type approval specialists to name a few...

As a luxury mobile phone manufacturer Vertu provided a great opportunity for further understanding on a vast range of production techniques, materials and finishes, some examples of which are listed below:

  • Production techniques; Injection moulding/over-moulding/insert-moulding, MIM, Sintered ceramic parts, Cold & Hot forging, die-casting, extrusions, thixo-molding, compression moulding, IML...
  • Materials; platinum, gold, titaniums, stainless steels, magnesium, ceramics, rubbers (natural rubbers as well as TPEs and silicones), leathers and other natural skins, carbon fibre, well as a large range of thermoplastics and rapid-prototype materials.
  • Finishes; Various polishing techniques, lapping, sand blasting, brushing, mechanical engraving, chrome plating, conductive coating, PVD coatings, DLC coating...


Working primarily on the digital mixer valve controllers and wired/wireless remote controls, as well as improvements on existing product range. A great hands-on job, with their own in-house mould-shop, and workshop to make your own prototype parts on the lathe/mill, and them test them using R&D's own test facility for IP testing design solutions, (IPX4 - IPX8).

Gaining good experience on static and dynamic seal designs, using a wide range of off-the-shelf seals as well as bespoke solutions. Aqualisa also provided a great opportunity to work on a product throughout the whole development cycle (working on the CAD from the early industrial design block models through to sitting on the assembly line for pre-production builds, building the product yourself). A small R&D team with in-house expertise in hardware, software, reliability and certification all provided excellent experience in a variety of key issues with any electro-mechanical consumer product, e.g.; EMC & ESD testing, ROHS/WRAS material requirements, BEAB/CE safety certification etc.